Morris Cook

To be able to give is one of the most cherished forms of joy a person can receive. My goal is to communicate an uplifting energy through my art, beyond the boundaries of words. If my work can ignite the joy of being, or become a catalyst for inspiration, or simply spark a smile in another, then I have attained fulfillment.

The Spirit of the Carousel Family - Inspired by my grandfather, E. Joy Morris (a late 19th/20th century carousel maker out of Philadelphia), I have created a miniature carousel in bronze. The process begins by studying the animal for its' unique beauty and capturing the essence of that animal individually, and then in a family grouping of three, which becomes one section of the whole. Twelve sections make the circle complete. On a technical level, the entire carousel ensemble is a disciplined study of time and movement, scale and proportion, shape and space in animals at rest and in motion.

Influences of Temple/Tyler, Roma, Italia - After a two year study in Rome, Italy; the art, architecture, and landscape continue to be an inspiration in my work. The bas-reliefs represent fragments of an architectural nature, inspired by the many ruins scattered throughout Rome. Inspiration to sculpt another version of David came in response to the overwhelmingly beautiful and varied interpretations by sculptors Donatello, Michelangelo, and my favorite, Bernini.

Philamena - An angelic figure, influenced by the Greek antiquity, "Winged Victory of Samothrace". History tells us a story of a girl long ago that was a Greek princess, Philomena, who became a saint. The Greek spelling, "Filumena" meant "daughter of light". Her name is usually taken to be derived from a Greek word meaning "beloved". She is the perfect sculpture for Philadelphia because of the uplifing spirit she portrays for the city of brotherly love - the angel, Philamena, watching over all loving men, women, and especially the children in our city.

All of my bronze work is lost-wax carving, cast in bronze, available in limited editions of twelve. While viewing the sculpture and statues for purchase, please know that some are also available for lease, or lease-purchase.

Background - I have worked in many capacities over the years to support myself as an artist. Among them was working as part of the team of restoration artists who worked on the William Penn statue, perched 530 feet atop Philadelphia's City Hall in 1989 and 1997. Having taught Art to high school students in Chester County, Pennsyvania, for 30+ years, I continue to make Art and teach privately in my studio. To me, the art of teaching and making art go hand-in-hand, inspiring and being inspired.